Sunday, October 28, 2012

Post Numero Uno

So, this is it. Post Numero Uno. I guess I could start out by telling you a little bit about myself and where I want to go in life...

Well, the names Jade. I'm a 21 year old college student...trying to be somebody of significance in her own way. I'm basically super cool...I like to watch the history channel occasionally, read books. Hang out with friends/family...Enjoy good food and music. I grew up in a pretty good family, we had our ups and downs. But all glory is to be given to God, because at the end of the day, I am one blessed lil' lady.

My passion in life is helping people grow through experiences that are self-motivated, meaning I want to help people get excited and driven about achieving their own goals and dreams. It is very gratifying to me when I know my efforts have helped someone become a better version of "themselves".

I also have a passion for helping anyone and everyone, see the beauty in themselves. Can you imagine, with all the people on this one is the exact same? Like, I'm an identical twin. Even though my sister and I were brought up the same way....and have the same DNA...we still are very unique individuals. Everyone has awesome things about them, and I think that's pretty cool. Especially when I get to help someone see that uniqueness in themselves.

But don't get me wrong, I am human, therefore imperfect. So do I go around telling people they're awesome every day and saying "Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way!" Nope. I'm actually very selective in whom I give compliments...I judge too. Too quickly, and sometimes too harshly. But me and God are workin' on that so yeah....give ya girl some slack.

Any who....this blog will be a mixture of my obsession with my hair...and other beauty topics of sorts. Been wanting to start a blog for awhile...and given that I am about to graduate college and REALLY put my big girl pants on...I thought it was a good time to start my internet diary.

But uhhhh...chyea, check me out real quick, spend a lil time on here, my tumblr, and/or my youtube channel if you bout that life...

XO, Jade.

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  1. I love helping people as well in any way that i can, but like you i choose wisely but base my overall judgement on my gut feeling and encounters with people. However, i am a bit sometimey, but i am working on that because that's holding me back from some of my blessings. Anyways, it feels really good knowing that you have helped someone or just made them feel good about themselves.....I just wish that there were more people like us that want to help people and also try to better ourselves...